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I am Yomi Rodrig

Living to work or working to live is a perennial dilemma that we all understand. I love working, investment and advising. I enjoy meeting people, I enjoy business challenges and working to find solutions to benefit the clients that I represent. The work is balanced by an enjoyment for life and a love of travel, arts and culture and most definitely a love of sport, especially football and my beloved Galatasaray. What I have enjoyed most about the work that I do within the financial and investment sector is the need for travel and the discoveries of new cities, new locations, new foods and cultures. That is when I am at my most happiest and content.

The world we live in

The financial world, and in fact the world as a whole are changing dramatically, quickly and beyond recognition. The world has never been smaller than it is now with so many aspects of life equally dependent on each other and yet with equal ability to influence and change how we live our lives day to day. There are new valued commodities, some of which are intangible, new super powers continue to emerge and the drive and pursuit of excellence and influence is ever present amidst the worlds largest and most noted organisations. Brands continue to drive, strive and thrive and as I write this Apple are hurtling ever closer to a Trillion Dollar Market Cap. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency arrived and after being initially ignored or passed over have become hugely popular with experienced and new investors alike. Nobody can be certain of where the cryptocurrency journey will end but what we can be sure of is that this will not be the last disruptor of industry and institution.

My Yomi Rodrig blog is going to be relatively light. It will inform where it can with insight and reference and it will be a mix of all things that are connected to the world in which I exist – and so please expect to see articles about financie (of course), investment, art, culture, travel, foods and football. Thank you for reading.

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