About Me

My name is Yomi Rodrig and welcome to my blog! I was born and raised in Turkey with my parents and am now a father to two of my own children! I am now based in Switzerland a lot of the time, but my work and hobbies often see me travelling around the world!

I specialise as a hedge fund manager and due to my work in the busy world of investment and finance, I think it is essential for me to embrace multiple hobbies to help me unwind and relax from work!

To help me embrace a good work/life balance, I have various passions I like to indulge in both alone and with my family.

Travel is a big part of my life and something I like to share with my wife and children. We travel to lots of destinations around the world to experience the culture and relax and I’ll be sharing with you all my favourite holiday locations on this website.

Another hobby of mine is art, I have a keen interest in contemporary art and like to channel this by both researching artists and their work and visiting exhibitions and galleries in my spare time!
If you’re a fellow art or travel lover, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I’d love to chat with you in the comments so do get in touch!

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