Why the Macakizi Hotel is my Favourite by Yomi Rodrig

I’m Yomi Rodrig, a consultant in investment and a manager of hedge funds, and alongside working hard, travelling is one of my top passions in life. Unusual destinations and luxury accommodation are two things I look for when planning a trip away and although I like to explore all across the globe, I have my favourite destinations that see me return regularly throughout the year.

One of my favourite hotels, not just in Turkey but the world, is the Macakizi Hotel in the province of Mugla near Bodrum city centre. The hotel sits on the coast of the country, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and due to the position of the hotel being at the centre of a hot Mediterranean climate, visitors to the hotel can expect high temperatures and wall to wall sunshine for the duration of their visit.

There’s many reasons that the Macakizi Hotel has taken the top spot in my list of favourite hotels around the world and I’m going to share with you just a few of things that make this accommodation the perfect choice for the discerning traveller with a taste for luxury.


The general feel of the hotel is clean and minimalistic. The décor and furnishings at the Macakizi Hotel are the perfect mixture of authentic to fit with local surroundings but modern and luxurious to appeal to the westernised traveller.
The hotel is home to 74 rooms, of which 21 are suites, ideal for family visitors or those looking to treat themselves to a more opulent living space. The stripped back aesthetics of the décor are not only stylish but practical too; features such as tiled floors throughout the rooms help to keep the room cool in the high Mediterranean temperatures.
The hotel owners explain how the decision to decorate the rooms in a pale, powder-white colour was to ensure the feel of the hotel was calm and relaxing.


The facilities are the aspect of any hotel that determine how likely you are to recommend or return and those available at the Macakizi Hotel are made to make your stay relaxing and luxurious. A small pool is set aside in a tranquil corner of the hotel, surrounded by sun loungers – the perfect setting for a calm pool day.
If you’re looking to say goodbye to stress and unwind with a pamper, then the hotel spa, which has multiple treatment rooms, is the place to visit for a massage, facial or other treatment of your choice.
Other features of the hotel that help it stand out amongst competitors and a longstanding favourite of mine, include access to free Wifi throughout the hotel, flat screen BOSE TVs in the rooms and a boutique shop onsite, filled with local souvenirs and accessories.

Food and Drink

Wining and dining well is an essential part of any holiday and the restaurant and bar at the Macakizi do not disappoint. The hotel restaurant is run by a restaurateur and chef who have worked in partnership for over 25-years, creating authentic and fresh dishes inspired by the area. The relaxing yet clean and practical décor of the restaurant fits with the theme of the hotel perfectly and although the layout changes in winter months to accommodate for cooler weather and less trade, the restaurant is open all year round.
Using fresh local produce and taking inspiration from Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, the main menu celebrates local seafood but caters for everyone with the options of salads, sandwiches and other snacks.
The hotel bar is designed to be the social hub of the hotel and the atmosphere of this bar is what sees me spending hours upon hours relaxing while overlooking the ocean and sipping local delicacy beverages.


Continuing with the idea of the hotel’s atmosphere, it isn’t just the mood in the bar I love to embrace but the whole hotel and the surrounding areas. The carefully selected location for this hotel sees you sat close enough to Bodrum city centre to have access for days out, but far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle and embrace the tranquillity of the coast.
The hotel sells itself to the traveller who’s looking for luxury by creating the perfect environment to appeal to this kind of holidaymaker, with things like a dress code that states ‘boat-club billionaire, or your best imitation’- if you can’t break out your best attire on the sunny coast of Turkey, then when can you?
The whole experience of travelling to and visiting the Macakizi hotel is easy and relaxing from start to finish; with a simple flight to Bodrum Airport followed by a 45-minute car journey, before being welcomed with wide smiles and open arms by the passionate staff which marks the start of your opulent visit to the Macakizi Hotel.
I highly recommend a visit to this hotel if you’re planning a stay in the Mugla Province of Turkey.

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